ACDC - Back in Black.mid

ACDC - You Shook Me All Night Long.mid

Alice In Chains - Nutshell (2).mid

Allman Brothers Band (The) - Blue Sky.mid

Allman Brothers Band (The) - Whipping Post.mid

Anti-Flag - Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L).mid

B.B. King - The Thrill Is Gone (Live).mid

B.B. King - The Thrill Is Gone.mid

Beatles (The) - And Your Bird Can Sing (2).mid

Beatles (The) - Something (4).mid

Beatles (The) - The End.mid

Beatles (The) - While My Guitar Gently Weeps (3).mid

Beck, Jeff - Beck_'s Bolero (2).mid

Beck, Jeff - Blue Wind.mid

Beck, Jeff - Cause We_'ve Ended As Lovers.mid

Berry, Chuck - Johnny B Goode (3).mid

Best Interest - Piece Of My Heart.mid

Black Sabbath - War Pigs (3).mid

Black Star (2).mid

Black Star (intro).mid

Buddy Guy - Stone Crazy.mid

Cacophony - Desert Island.mid

Cacophony - Speed Metal Symphony.mid

Chicago - 25 Or 6 To 4.mid

Church Hymns - Be Still (For The Presence Of The Lord).mid

Clapton, Eric - Badge.mid

Clapton, Eric - Cocaine.mid

Clapton, Eric - Layla.mid

Clapton, Eric - Sunshine Of Your Love (2).mid

Clapton, Eric - White Room.mid

Come As You Are.mid

Cult (The) - Love Removal Machine.mid

Daft Punk - Voyager.mid

Deep Purple - Child In Time (2).mid

Deep Purple - Highway Star (2).mid

Deep Purple - Lazy.mid

Doors (The) - Light My Fire.mid

Dream Theater - As I Am (3).mid

Dream Theater - Hell's Kitchen .mid

Dream Theater - Scene Six-Home.mid

Dream Theater - Under A Glass Moon (2).mid

Extreme - Flight of the Wounded BumbleBee.mid

Fade To Black.mid

For the Love Of God.mid

Free - All Right Now (2).mid

Grateful Dead - Truckin'.mid

Guns N' Roses - Bad Obsession.mid

Guns N' Roses - Don_'t Cry (Original).mid

Guns N' Roses - Knockin_' On Heaven_'s Door.mid

Guns N' Roses - Live And Let Die.mid

Guns N' Roses - November Rain (2).mid

Guns N' Roses - November Rain.mid

Guns N' Roses - Paradise City (2).mid

Hendrix, Jimi - All Along The Watchtower.mid

Hendrix, Jimi - Bold As Love (2).mid

Hendrix, Jimi - Foxy Lady.mid

Hendrix, Jimi - Purple Haze (woodstock).mid

Hendrix, Jimi - Purple Haze.mid

Hendrix, Jimi - Red House.mid

Hendrix, Jimi - Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (Woodstock).mid

Hotel California Unplugged.mid

Howe, Steve - Mood For A Day.mid

Iron Maiden - Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son.mid

Jackson, Michael - Beat It (2).mid

Jethro Tull - Aqualung (2).mid

Johnson, Eric - Cliffs of Dover (2).mid

Johnson, Eric - Desert Rose.mid

Johnson, Eric - Trademark (2).mid

Johnson, Eric - Trademark (3).mid

Johnson, Eric - Trademark.mid

Journey - Stone In Love (2).mid

Journey - Stone In Love.mid

King Crimson - 21st Century Schizoid Man (2).mid

King's X - Cigarettes.mid

Kinks (The) - You Really Got Me (2).mid

Kinks (The) - You Really Got Me.mid

Led Zeppelin - Achilles Last Stand (3).mid

Led Zeppelin - Dazed And Confused (2).mid

Led Zeppelin - Heartbreaker.mid

Led Zeppelin - Since I_'ve Been Loving You (2).mid

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven.mid

Led Zeppelin - White Summer-Black Mountainside.mid

Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love.mid

Linkin Park - Somewhere I Belong.mid

Little Wing.mid

Living Colour - Cult Of Personality.mid

Malmsteen, Yngwie - Child In Time.mid

Malmsteen, Yngwie - Far Beyond The Sun.mid

Megadeth - Symphony Of Destruction.mid

Metallica - Fade To Black (2).mid

Metallica - Master Of Puppets.mid

Metallica - Orion (2).mid

Metallica - Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (3).mid

Morse, Steve - Tumeni Notes.mid

Neil Young - Cinnamon Girl.mid

Neil Young - Cortez the Killer.mid

Nirvana - About A Girl (2).mid

Nirvana - Where Did You Sleep Last Night (2).mid

Norther - Dream.mid

Nugent, Ted - Stranglehold.mid


Osbourne, Ozzy - Crazy Train (2).mid

Osbourne, Ozzy - Crazy Train (Live At Budokan).mid

Osbourne, Ozzy - Dee.mid

Osbourne, Ozzy - No More Tears.mid

Osbourne, Ozzy - Over The Mountain.mid

Osbourne, Ozzy - Revelation (Mother Earth) (2).mid

Pantera - Cemetary Gates.mid

Pantera - Floods (2).mid

Pantera - Walk (2).mid

Pearl Jam - Alive.mid

Pearl Jam - Black.mid

Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter.mid

Phish - Stash (2).mid

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (4).mid

Pink Floyd - Dogs.mid

Pink Floyd - Have a Cigar (2).mid

Pink Floyd - Money.mid

Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I - IX).mid

Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I - V) (2).mid

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody.mid

Queen - Brighton Rock (Solo).mid

Queen - Killer Queen.mid

Queensryche - Jet City Woman.mid

Radiohead - Paranoid Android (2).mid

Rage Against The Machine - Bulls On Parade (2).mid

Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name (2).mid

Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name Of.mid

Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name.mid

Rage Against The Machine - Sleep Now In The Fire.mid

Rainbow - Catch the Rainbow (2).mid

Rush - 2112.mid

Rush - Freewill.mid

Rush - La Villa Strangiato (2).mid

Rush - Working Man.mid

Rush - Yyz.mid

Santana, Carlos - Black Magic Woman.mid

Santana, Carlos - Europa.mid

Santana, Carlos - Evil Ways.mid

Satriani, Joe - Circles.mid

Satriani, Joe - Crushing Day (2).mid

Satriani, Joe - Midnight (2).mid

Satriani, Joe - Satch Boogie.mid

Seahorses (The) - Love Is the Law.mid

Setzer, Brian - Stray Cat Strut.mid

Sheppard, Kenny Wayne - Blue On Black.mid

Slayer - Angel Of Death.mid

Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun (3).mid

Steely Dan - Kid Charlemegne.mid

Steely Dan - Reeling In the Years.mid

Stone Roses (The) - I Am the Resurrection.mid

Sweet Child O Mine.mid

Vai, Steve - Tender Surrender (3).mid

Van Halen - Dreams.mid

Van Halen - Eruption (3).mid

Van Halen - Eruption - Live.mid

Van Halen - Hot For Teacher.mid

Van Halen - Ice Cream Man (2).mid

Van Halen - Mean Street.mid

Vaughan, Stevie Ray - Couldn't Stand The Weather.mid

Vaughan, Stevie Ray - Scuttle Buttin.mid

Vaughan, Stevie Ray - Texas Flood.mid

Who (The) - Won't Get Fooled Again.mid

Winter, Johnny - Highway 61 Revisited.mid

Zappa, Franck - Zoot Allures.mid

Zappa, Frank - Sleep Dirt  (Black Napkins).mid

ZZ Top - La Grange.mid

ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man (2).mid

ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man.mid